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Trump Supporter Says He'll 'Take Up Arms' If Biden Wins Election In Unsettling MSNBC Interview

Trump Supporter Says He'll 'Take Up Arms' If Biden Wins Election In Unsettling MSNBC Interview

MSNBC reporter Katy Tur took to the street outside of a Trump rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Tur interviewed roughly a dozen supporters of the conservative President seeking to understand if his supporters believe the unsubstantiated rhetoric Trump has been preemptively pushing regarding voter fraud and what his supporters would be willing to do about it if the President lost the re-election.

Although every supporter Tur spoke with believed Trump's claims, despite evidence, one in particular shed light on a disturbing mindset seen in some more staunch supporters.

The man is seen in the video below saying he would be prepared to "take up arms" if Trump lost the election.

Tur asked the man on his Trump sticker covered motorcycle:

"What are you prepared to do?"

He replied:

"Anything possible."

Looking for clarification Tur inquired:

"What's anything possible? How far do you take that?"

The man's response was concerning.

"Anything by all means. I'm a United States veteran. I served."
"I took an oath to defend my country to the best of my abilities and I will do it."

When she asked if this included taking up arms the man confirmed, without hesitation, nodding as he said:

"If that's what it comes to."

Some Trump supporters on social media were quick to write off the interviewed man's statement as just one person.

However, former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi expressed deep concern over the growing violent mindset.

When asked if the man in the unsettling interview was alone in his willingness to act violently Figliuzzi said:

"I wish he were the only one but there's every indication from online activity, the rhetoric, the groups calling for a civil war, calling for an amassing of weapons."

Figliuzzi added that right wing social websites are filled with similar rhetoric as the supporter interviewed outside of the Trump rally, noting that:

"What we are seeing develop online is very disturbingly similar to what we saw in terms of violent jihad radicalization."

When questioned about the use of the charged term radicalization, he said there was little dissimilar in the use of the online platforms to encourage violence and insurrection.

Figliuzzi stated:

"There's every indication that there's a growing threat of violence."

Americans on Twitter expressed growing concerns over the continuing, potentially dangerous rhetoric.

We encourage everyone to make plans to vote, whether by mail or in person, this election season.

For those with the ability, it is also important to help others vote by reaching out and seeing what they need to cast their vote in November, whether it is a ride to the polls or a ride to a designated absentee ballot drop off point.