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Trump Is Getting Dragged After Bringing Back His 'Smocking Gun' Typo In Impeachment Twitter Rant

Saul Martinez/Getty Images

President Trump has had no shortage of embarrassing flubs during his tenure in office.

I mean, who can forget his infamous "covfefe" tweet?

Then, almost exactly one year ago, President Trump tweeted out that there was no "smocking gun" to be found to prove that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

The absurd typo quickly went viral.

Screenshot via @Brendon93584557/Twitter

At the time, the President was widely roasted for the error.

Many probably assumed that he wouldn't make the same mistake twice. But those people would be wrong.

On Sunday, Trump resurrected that "smocking gun" typo for the world to mock in a ranting response to Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats proceeding with articles of impeachment against him.


Twitter couldn't believe what they were seeing.

And while there may not be a "smocking gun," many felt that there are ample smoking guns.

It begs the question:

After making the same error twice, is it really a typo?