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Trump Dragged After Photo Of Him 'Working' At Walter Reed Shows Him Signing A Blank Sheet Of Paper

The White House/Handout/Getty Images

President Donald Trump, who tested positive for the virus last week and has been hospitalized over the weekend with a fever and dipping oxygen levels, still wants his supporters to believe he's spending his time working hard for the nation.

Along those lines, Trump's team released several pictures taken by the White House photographer of what appears to be the President (unmasked), at several desks in Walter Reed hospital, taking care of some Presidential business.

As in almost all communications from the Trump administration, there seemed to be some factual inconsistencies with the photos though. Journalist Jon Ostrower quickly pointed out the pictures' embedded metadata showed they were taken only ten minutes apart, not hours or days apart as the propaganda from the White House implied.

This made it incredibly likely both photos were staged.

Even more damning was a simple zoom in on the papers President Trump appeared to be working on and signing.

A closer look revealed President Trump's "business" was simply signing his name in the center of a blank sheet of paper.

People on Twitter were no longer surprised by the Trump administration's blatant dishonesty.

Not even the seriousness of contracting the virus can make President Trump come to terms with the truth.

If this is the hard work Presidents do, perhaps Trump really is qualified...

The President remains at Walter Reed—aside from a highly criticized joy ride in a hermetically sealed SUV—as doctors closely monitor his condition.