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Virtual 'Second Inauguration' For Trump Already Has Thousands Committed To Attending

Virtual 'Second Inauguration' For Trump Already Has Thousands Committed To Attending
Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

In the weeks after the election, President Donald Trump has continued to rail against the results, claiming he truly won, despite no evidence to support such claims. The result of the misinformation coming not just from the President but many other elected Republican officials, is that large swaths of the Republican electorate now believe the erroneous notion that Joe Biden is not the President-elect.

This level of denial has soldiered on despite state vote certifications and the official vote of the Electoral College. A symbol of this is a Facebook event for a virtual inauguration ceremony.

No, this is not for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, this is for an imaginary second Trump inauguration.

So far, over 300,000 people responded with interest in attending. At the moment, it's unclear if there is any involvement from the Trump campaign, however some have noted one of the organizers is a former Trump campaign official.

Of course even if the current President participated in this event, it would only be political theater. It wouldn't stop President-elect Biden from becoming President on January 20.

It seems quite a few misguided people are convinced otherwise, however.

Some are wondering if the Biden team is going to need a little extra help to get President Trump off of the White House grounds.

What happens next month when the real inauguration of the duly elected President—Joe Biden—takes place remains to be seen.

Will all of the deluded MAGA minions finally face reality? Will they adopt their own mantra that facts don't care about their feelings and get over it?

If the last four years are any guide, it's sure to be unprecedented.