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QAnon Dragged After What Was Prophesied To Be Trump's 'Inauguration' Day Comes And Goes

QAnon Dragged After What Was Prophesied To Be Trump's 'Inauguration' Day Comes And Goes
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images; @rmayemsinger/Twitter

For the vast majority of Americans, March 4 was just another day.

For QAnon supporters, however, it was the long-awaited as the day when President Trump would return to the White House and be inaugurated as the 19th President.

Needless to say, the conspiracy theorists ended up being disappointed again.

Twitter mercilessly mocked the Americans who were gullible enough to continue believing the continued predictions of "Q"—none of which have come true so far.

According to QAnon supporters, President Trump's return to power would be on March 4, which was set as inauguration day until 1933.

The sprawling conspiracy theory also claimed America was taken control of by corporations back in the 1800's, with every President since Rutherford B. Hayes serving as a secret figurehead with no real power.

QAnon's followers thought President Trump was set to finally take America back from this supposed coup, making him the 19th President.

Capitol security was increased and many businesses closed as March 4 approached, but no crowds (and definitely no Trump) appeared when the day finally arrived.

#TrumpInauguration began trending on Twitter as people made fun of the conspiracy.

The claims of QAnon supporters have become more and more outrageous despite the fact none of them ever come true.

As always, QAnon supporters are now pushing the date of Trump's supposed return back, but their predictions have no basis in reality.

President Trump is long gone and he is not going to return any time soon.