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QAnon 'Prophet' Believes Tampa Bay's Win Is Sign Of Trump's White House Return—And It's A Huge Stretch

QAnon 'Prophet' Believes Tampa Bay's Win Is Sign Of Trump's White House Return—And It's A Huge Stretch
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Democratic President Joe Biden may be in the White House, but QAnon supporters are emphatically not giving up on their dream of a second Trump term.

The bizarre conspiracy theory and its adherents have cycled through scores of strange means by which Trump would retain hold of the White House, none of which have come to pass, obviously.

None of that matters now, though, because a so-called QAnon prophet has determined that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl win means Trump will reascend to America's highest office. It's a miracle!

That makes absolutely no sense.

This divine word comes to us via Johnny Enlow, a self-appointed QAnon "prophet" who streamed a "special prophetic message" from his YouTube account this morning.

According to Enlow's divine insight, the key to Trump's return to power was right there on the football field last night.

As the Kansas City Chiefs made their final attempt at closing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 22-point lead, Tampa Bay player Devin White intercepted the Chiefs' pass, and the Chiefs' chances of mounting any kind of comeback were vanquished once and for all.

What on Earth does this have to do with Donald Trump? Absolutely nothing—unless you believe in the signs and wonders that is.

Because guess what Devin White's number is? That's right, Forty-five.

And does the number 45 ring a bell?

Like say, a certain FORTY-FIFTH President of the United States named Donald John Trump?



Maybe if you're some rube who doesn't believe in QAnon, a theory that posits that the entire world is run by Satan-worshipping pedophiles who are also maybe part lizard.

But everyone else knows the truth.

As Enlow explained:

"So, I'm going to make a [prophetic] connection with number 45 intercepting the enemy in the end zone, and that's when the celebration takes place, and I'm going to connect that with our president number 45—Donald Trump, the Cyrus 45, Isaiah 45 anointing—and so that's where it ends, that's the moment of celebration."

But wait, there's even more prophecy!

Enlow also prophesied that the fact the Buccaneers' scored 77.5% of the points in last night's game means that Trump won 77.5% of the votes in the 2020 election, before massive voter fraud changed that tally to 46.8%.

Or as Enlow so eloquently put it:

"This game is just … jam packed with revelation on the reality of where we are, where we've been, [and] where we're going."

Naturally, Twitter found this unhinged theory ridiculous.

This isn't Enlow's first football-Trump-conspiracy rodeo.

He previously claimed on January 14 that the score of the national college football championship meant Trump would remain in office.

That prophecy, of course, did not come true, and Biden was inaugurated the following Wednesday.