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Trump Lawyer Blasted After Claiming That The Left Is Trying To 'Cancel Christianity' In Bonkers Rant

Normally, people think of lawyers as fairly responsible, scholarly individuals, but the Trump administration does everything it can to redefine norms of office.

Jenna Ellis, one of President Donald Trump's attorneys, got some attention on Twitter for her fear of "cancel culture."

This lawyer believes Democrats are dead-set on "canceling" everything from the stock market to Christianity.

In fact, Ellis seemed especially scared of Democrats on Twitter "canceling" Jesus Christ.

Twitter was quick to assure Ellis that she had nothing to worry about.

Many Christians online tried to remind Ellis that a bad hashtag should have very little influence on her faith.

Meanwhile, Ellis works for a man whose behavior doesn't seem especially Christian to close observers.

None of the President's ungodly behavior seems to bother Ellis.

Perhaps "canceling" this close connection between religion and the federal government would be in everyone's best interests.

Ellis forgot the most important thing, however. If any lawyer is trying to avoid being "canceled" on Twitter, the first thing they ought to do is stay away from President Donald Trump.