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Don Jr. Suggests People Who Attend Political Rallies Don't 'Have Jobs' In Awkward Rally Speech

Don Jr. Suggests People Who Attend Political Rallies Don't 'Have Jobs' In Awkward Rally Speech
@RonFilipowski/Twitter; Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr.—who has long sought to cast his father former Republican President Donald Trump as a man of the people and has often boasted of his father's success with working class members of the electorate—suggested people who attend political rallies don't "have jobs" in an awkward rally speech.

Trump Jr. issued the remarks during a speech in Ohio to support Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance, best known as the author of Hillbilly Elegy—an ode to blue collar Appalaicha.

Don Jr. referred to "political junkies" and said the average person doesn't show up "to events like this in the middle of the day" because they're "working hard to feed their families" and "have jobs."

You can hear what Trump Jr. said in the video below.

If Trump Jr. feels that way about people who attend political rallies, what does that say about the people who came to see him in support of Vance and, to a larger extent, his father?

In short, why was he so openly insulting his father's MAGA minions base?

That was the question on people's minds when many criticized Trump Jr. for expressing such open disdain for those who'd come to hear him speak.

Former President Trump once infamously declared he loves "the poorly educated," words he uttered after winning a primary in Nevada in 2016.

And while "poorly educated" is not the same as "less educated," Trump has nonetheless performed well among White working class voters and White men who lack college degrees.

Trump has also mocked his Christian base in private, according to former Trump White House aides who said he spoke about them with contempt, once referring to Evangelical Christian pastors as a group of "hustlers" as he mocked one pastor—who had endorsed him as early as 2011 when he first considered launching a presidential bid—for wanting to purchase a private jet.