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Don Jr. Mockingly Shares Graph Showing Biden Has Created Way More Jobs Than His Dad In Glorious Self-Own

Don Jr. Mockingly Shares Graph Showing Biden Has Created Way More Jobs Than His Dad In Glorious Self-Own
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. embarrassed himself after he shared a graph showing President Joe Biden's administration created more jobs per month, on average, than the Trump administration.

The White House Instagram account had earlier uploaded a graph showing the number of jobs created by Biden in comparison with former United States Presidents, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

According to the graph, Biden has created an average of more than 550,000 jobs per month. Trump is the only president on the list to have a minus figure, coming in at just over the -50,000 mark.

Trump Jr. went on to share the graph, criticizing "the comments to this nonsense."

But the numbers do not lie – the post was later shared to Twitter by journalist Aaron Rupar, who described it as "quite the self-own."

Did Trump Jr. think he was making a statement that his father, former President Donald Trump, had in fact, contributed far more to the economy than he actually had?

If so, many on social media took the opportunity to remind him that he was wrong.

Trump Jr. has repeatedly come under fire for false claims he's made about the United States economy.

He once rather infamously mocked "the experts who laughed about breaking 3%," a reference to data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) that showed a significant boost in the second quarter of 2018, with the initial estimate for quarterly growth in the gross domestic product at 4.1 percent, much higher than 2.2 percent seen in the first quarter of 2018.

At the time, Trump Jr. claimed that former President Barack Obama, his father's predecessor, never saw such economic growth on his watch.

He was wrong, however. As Washington Post analyst Philip Bump pointed out, that "political observers expressed skepticism about assertions that the country would hit 4 percent growth — annually — not 3 percent in a quarter."

Bump said Trump Jr. was "conflating this quarter’s 4 percent growth with the fact that the economy never grew at a 3 percent annual rate under President Barack Obama," concluding that "nothing" Trump Jr. said was true.