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Rally Crowd Cheers As Trump Calls Nancy Pelosi 'An Animal' In Unhinged Rant

Donald Trump tells Ohio rally crowd that Nancy Pelosi 'is an animal' because she impeached Trump twice.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Donald Trump
Damir Sencar/AFP via Getty Images; Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Donald Trump called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi an "animal" during a rally last night in Ohio, to loud cheers from the crowd.

Just days after Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked in their home, Trump thought it was a good idea to refer to the Speaker as an animal.

He said:

"Pelosi said, 'Please don't call them animals. They're human beings.' I said, 'No they're animals.'"
"Of course, I think she's an animal, too, you wanna know the truth."

Trump realized what he said was unacceptable and anticipated the backlash.

But he chose to double down anyway, blaming Pelosi for his conduct because she voted to impeach him "for nothing".

"They’ll say 'Oh, what a horrible thing he said...' She impeached me twice for nothing!"

You can view a clip of the speech below:

Trump had been talking about a member of the gang MS-13 who had murdered a teen just prior to this outburst as supposed evidence of the kind of people he believes Democrats are trying to bring into the US to "ravage our country" when he referred to the murderer as an "animal"—prompting his sidetrack about Pelosi.

"I really think they want open borders to ravage our country, and every day these democrat [...] policies are getting innocent Americans killed in large numbers."

Twitter was awash with condemnation of the former President.

Given Trump is not running for any elected office in this election, it is a bit odd he spends so much of the time he is supposed to be campaigning for other Republicans complaining about how he was treated as President.

Certainly not out of character for him though.