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Trump Campaign Dragged For Clueless 'Stop The Witch-Hunt' Merchandise That Misses The Meaning Entirely

Trump Campaign Dragged For Clueless 'Stop The Witch-Hunt' Merchandise That Misses The Meaning Entirely
Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

"Witch hunt" remains a popular distraction employed by those facing investigations.

Especially in Washington DC.

But do the people using the phrase understand the phrase?

Witch hunt is much like the distasteful and needs to be retired phrase "Indian giver." An Indian giver is someone who gives something, then takes it back.

The meaning and usage harkens to how treaties made with Indigenous nations were broken and treaty designated Native land and rights were later stolen. It's not the "Indians" doing the giving and taking in the phrase Indian giver.

Just like it's not the witches doing the hunting in the phrase "witch hunt."

But does the Trump campaign know that? Is anyone there familiar with American English and our common idoms?

Perhaps...Или люди, управляющие кампанией Трампа, все говорят по-русски. Очередной раз.

NBC News' Monica Alba shared some of the latest treasures to be found at the Trump campaign store.

Here's that stunning image in its full glory.

@albamonica/Twitter many questions arose.

  • Do they not know any artists or graphic designers?
  • Has the person who drew this ever seen Trump's hands?
  • Or body?
  • Are Senator Lindsey Graham and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Kellyanne Conway OK with being depicted like this?
  • Does Bette Midler know what they did to Winifred‽‽


Upon further research, it turns out the "witches" aren't depicting Trump's supporters—which would make the poster make sense. The witches are the witches hunting Trump because that's completely not what that saying means.

Seriously, Кто-то дал вам плохую информацию, товарищ.

Yes, Trump official witch hunt merchandise shows witches ripped off from Disney's Hocus Pocus "hunting" a super buff big handed Donald Trump and his giant crystal orb thingy.

More than a few people thought the orb looked familiar.


Who else is supposed to be in the poster is difficult to ascertain given the poor quality. Is Trump taking a cheap shot at an ex-wife? Former mistress(es)?

Who knows for sure?

Despite all the propaganda though, no one seems to be buying the witch hunt excuse.

And one of the creators of Hocus Pocus was not amused about being part of the Putin Propaganda Trump campaign.

Mick Garris posted on Twitter:

"As one of the creators of HOCUS POCUS, I am disgusted by this putrid act of evasion."
"This is the worst president in our history, and I object in every way his attempt to co-opt, no matter how poorly, our creation."
"Leave our witches alone, oh Evil One."

House of Mouse probably won't be thrilled either. When it comes to ripping off their products, Disney don't play.

Midler—who starred as head-witch-in-charge Winifred Sanderson—recently shared some of the imitations that ARE the sincerest form of flattery. Trump's campaign merch didn't make the cut.

The real witches of Hocus Pocus are available here.

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