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The Internet Is Obsessed With Whoever Was In Charge Of CNN's Chyrons During Trump's Latest Pandemic Briefing

President Trump's daily pandemic press briefings have become a staple of cable television—that is, until his lies inevitably become so outrageous many of them switch away.

After a particularly heated exchange with a reporter on Monday, April 13, however, it was clear the author of CNN's chyrons had had just about enough.

These chyrons didn't bother mincing words when it came to President Trump's behavior.

As the briefing progressed, the chyrons became bolder and bolder.

One thing these chyrons had in common, however, is that they were all true.

Twitter immediately fell in love with the nameless, faceless creator of the honest chyrons.

Others were more critical of CNN for making it clear they knew how destructive President Trump's words could be, but choosing to air them anyway.

After years of this nonsense, this chyron writer finally snapped.

President Trump has certainly given chyron editors the chance to write things they never expected.

We'll always remember the day the CNN chyrons gave us the real deal.

Whoever you are, unknown chyron author, keep up the good work.

We're counting on you!

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