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Trump's Brag About 'Forest Cities' During The Debate Sparked A Whole Bunch Of 'Star Wars' Memes

Win McNamee/Getty Images; Disney/LucasFilm

During the first Presidential debates, there was an awkward moment when Donald Trump called out "forest cities" for their easily ignitable trees.

It was a very, very strange statement.

President Trump's words were quickly lambasted on Twitter, where more than a couple people were reminded of Star Wars.

If President Trump's goal was to bring Ewoks back into the forefront of American culture...mission accomplished!

And it wasn't just Star Wars! Lord of the Rings made appearances as well!

Mark Hamil, who has had personal encounters with the Ewoks, even voiced his opinion on Trump's debate performance.

It turns out Trump's entire strategy for the debate was to appeal to small furry space creatures!

Star Wars influences the Presidential election yet again!