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Boaters For Trump Enthusiast Says He's 'Heading To The White House With The Militia' If Trump Loses

Tampa Bay Times/YouTube

In a recent video interview for The Tampa Bay Times, Trump supporters talked about the culture surrounding the President's boat parades and why it's so important to them.

One Trump supporter turned some heads online, however, when he said that if Trump loses the upcoming election, he'd be "heading to the White House with the militia."

Why are Trump flags so popular with Tampa Bay boaters?

Twitter users identified the man's wish to overthrow a Democratic win for what it was: unpatriotic.

Others made fun of the many Trump voters who show their support through boating, especially after the recent boat parade which resulted in multiple boats sinking.

If this boater believes a militia of a few armed Trump voters can overthrow the U.S. military, he's in for a rude awakening.

Whether or not this man poses an actual threat to democracy, ideas like these floating around conservative circles can undermine the idea of a fair election.

The continuation of the American democratic experiment should be more important than any one leader.

At least if President Trump loses in November, he'll know he has many fans on the water who will be willing to give him a place to crash.