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Trump Absurdly Touts Florida 'Boat Parades' As Proof That Polls Saying He's The Underdog Are Wrong

Fox News video screenshot via @NikkiMcR/Twitter

After a series of polls showed Donald Trump trailing Democrat Joe Biden in many of the crucial battleground states, the President was asked how he felt about being the "underdog" at a White House press conference.

The President replied that the didn't think of himself as an underdog.

And why not? Boat parades!

"You look at the, uh, intercoastal in Florida, you look at the lakes, you see thousands of boats with Trump signs and American signs, you've got the Trump/Pence sign all over."

To be fair, it was a truly large boat parade!

That having been said, boat parades aren't typically viewed as an accurate predictor of future success.

Could Joe Biden be in trouble because he hasn't had any boat parades?

Many pro-Biden Democrats did what they could to send their support out onto the water.

No one could have possibly guessed boat parades would be playing such a large role in the 2020 election!

Remember everyone—if you want to show support for your preferred candidate, it's time to get nautical!