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Trump Whines The Oscars Have Become Too 'Politically Correct And Boring' In Eye-Roll-Inducing Statement


After the Academy Awards ceremony this past Sunday, April 25, the internet was ablaze to discuss every moment from the Hollywood tradition.

One entertainment pundit whose opinion no one was looking forward to, however, was that of former President Donald Trump.

As his fellow former Presidents released statements addressing serious political issues, Trump penned a statement attacking the Oscars for being "politically correct and boring."

Yes, Donald Trump felt so strongly about the lack of bigotry in the modern Academy Awards he issued an official statement.

Although Trump is no longer allowed on Twitter, users of the social networking site were more than willing to continue making fun of him.

Trump's grasp of the Academy Awards seems tenuous at best.

Sunday's Oscar ceremony was the lowest-rated in history, though that likely has more to do with the pandemic and historically low movie attendance in 2020.

It's good to know even now when he's out of office, Trump can't stop obsessing over Hollywood and the media.

While Trump sends out statements about the Oscars, President Joe Biden is doing actual work.

And not spending every weekend at a golf course he owns and profits from.

Who knows if next year's Oscar ceremony will meet with the approval of all our former Presidents or if Hollywood cares.