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Trumper Ripped For Suggesting Justin Trudeau Is Gay After He Posts 'Barbie' Photo With Son

Eric Spracklen, a MAGA 'digital strategist,' used a photo of the Canadian Prime Minister and his son Xavier seeing the 'Barbie' movie to suggest Trudeau was already dating a man after separating from his wife, Sophie.

Justin Trudeau
John Lamparski/Getty Images

Eric Spracklen, a self-proclaimed pro-Trump "digital strategist" known for his involvement with Project Veritas, found himself in hot water after posting a homophobic tweet targeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his son Xavier.

The tweet, posted on Sunday afternoon, featured a picture of Trudeau and his son in front of a Barbie poster at a movie theater, accompanied by a suggestive caption.

Referring to Trudeau's recent public announcement of his legal separation from his wife, Spracklen wrote:

"This is Justin Trudeau literally days after his wife left him. I knew he was going to come out but I didn’t think it would be instantaneous."

Twitter's Community Note feature intervened, providing accurate information about the individuals in the photograph:

"The boy in this picture is Xavier Trudeau, the oldest son of Justin Trudeau, and not a partner or potential [partner] as suggested by the author."

You can see his tweet below.

The insinuation drew immediate backlash from social media users who criticized the homophobic implications of Spracklen's remark.

In response to the growing criticism, Spracklen attempted to backtrack on his initial suggestion, writing:

"Lmao at everyone triggered and saying this is his son like I’m not aware… I’m literally saying how gay it is for him to wear pink and go watch Barbie."

You can see his tweet below.

Spracklen, who had been previously associated with Project Veritas as their chief of staff or spokesman, faced scrutiny earlier in 2022 when his Twitter account was suspended.

His online presence often boasts about being a "Twitter Gulag Survivor" and claims to have been "Freed by Elon in December 2022."

Trudeau's recent announcement of his separation from his wife prompted not only the offensive tweet from Spracklen but also a separate homophobic meme alleging an affair between Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron that was similary criticized after it spread in conservative circles.