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This Thread About An Important Character That Helped Shape Iron Man—And In Turn, The Entire MCU Universe—Is Spot On

The enormous success of Avengers: Endgame has many Marvel fans looking back on the now-classic movies that kickstarted the superhero domination of Hollywood over a decade ago.

Twitter user @malihaness had an especially touching take on Iron Man's origin story, centering around Ho Yinsen, the man who saved Tony Stark's life.

By saving Tony Stark (though he had reasons not to), Yinsen saved the whole world.

Yinsen knew to always stand up for the victim in front of him, even if they had darkness in their past.

Even while helping Tony escape, Yinsen placed the lives of others above his own.

Believing in someone to do the right thing can make all the difference.

Without Yinsen, there would be no MCU.

Fans were grateful for the reminder of where the entire story started.

Tony learned more from Yinsen than he ever let on.

Several fans were hoping for a Yinsen cameo in Endgame, but it was not to be.

May we never forget Yinsen and everything he did for a man in need!

In many ways, Yinsen was the MCU's first hero. Saving one life is all it takes.