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TikToker Gets Savage Revenge On Neighbor After Catching Her Tossing Dog Poop Onto Her Driveway

TikToker Gets Savage Revenge On Neighbor After Catching Her Tossing Dog Poop Onto Her Driveway

Sasha Padma, TikTok user @sashapoldmaa, had the internet on the edge of their collective seats recently with a four part video saga involving a driveway full of dog poo, a secret recording and the police.

In the first video, Sasha explained she's been coming home to a driveway full of poo for the last few days.

She knows it isn't her dogs using the driveway as a toilet, because her dogs are secured in a kennel or on the opposite side of the house when she's not home. Since it happened multiple days in a row, she assumed it wasn't some random wild animal.

So she set up her iPad to secretly record the driveway.

When she reviewed the footage she was shocked to find the elderly woman next door was the culprit. The woman wasn't walking her dog onto Sasha's driveway for it to poo, as you might expect—it was much stranger than that.

Sasha explained:

“This old lady from next door comes with the sh*t on her shovel."

"Here she is throwing it on my driveway."


Sasha assumed the woman must be dumping the doggie dookie because she thinks Sasha's dogs are using her property to poop. But as she explained, Sasha walks her dogs in the other direction and uses baggies so it can't be her animals feces being flung onto her driveway.

She has a plan, though...


I had my suspicions….#dogs #dogsofttiktok #neighboursfromhell #wtf #help #whatwouldyoudo

Part two is a video of Sasha as she composed a letter to the neighbor. The letter, she said, will accompany a bag returning the poo the neighbor so generously donated.

She did narrate some of the letter, but showed it in its entirety for users to read. Those who paused to read it were horrified.

In it, we find out this was not an isolated incident. The neighbor has a history of harassment towards Sasha and her family.

Here is a screenshot:


It can be difficult to make out in places, so here is the full text of her letter.

"Dear Neighbor,"
"I was shocked to find out that after reviewing the video surveillance of my home, it was because of your arrogant and frightening assumptions on my negligent animal ownership that led to three consecutive days of dog poo dumping."
"Now firstly, I took the opportunity to return the feces to your property using my own doggy poo bags, which you'd see me walking with if I ever did actually walk down your direction in the street. So sadly for you, the poo from your lawn is not mine to dispose of."
"Secondly, while on your visit to my private property, you would have noticed that all three dogs were securely contained. My dogs do not roam freely. They are not out on the street unless accompanied by a person."
"Thirdly, because this is something I refuse to ignore as a result of your repeated and deliberate acts of bitterness towards my family over the years (most concerning are the episodes of cat poo throwing onto my trampoline where the children play regularly), you should expect a friendly visit from the local police in the coming days as your actions are not only chargeable under nuisance laws, but I am genuinely concerned for the safety of my pets because of your hatred towards them."
"Lastly, I think you should carefully and respectfully reconsider the judgment that you place on my animals and keep in mind the multitude of canines that reside on our street, any of which could be responsible for the defecation on your lawn before mine."
"Next Door"
"P.S. An apology would be welcomed in exchange for not demanding costs for damage."

Sasha left the letter and returned intestinal-items in the neighbor's mailbox over the weekend.


PART TWO. RESPONSE AND REVENGE. #part2 #revenge #wtf #dogs #dogsofttiktok #neighboursfromhell

Part three of the "Dog Sh*t Diaries" as Sasha called them, started with her responding to a few comments people left on previous videos.

Some commenters reprimanded her for returning the feces (politely bagged for sanitation, unlike when it was tossed onto her driveway) saying she was just as bad as the neighbor. Others attacked her for keeping the dogs kenneled—evidently they got so caught up in the story they missed where she mentioned the whole other side of the house.

After Sasha was done responding, she took viewers along as she set up a camera to watch the mailbox and make sure the neighbor got the letter. She also headed to the police station where she picked up trespassing notices for the neighbor.

Part three ends when the neighbor, who we know got the letter because we saw it on video, showed up at Sasha's door.


PART THREE. ACTION. You guys are so invested! This is NOT MADE UP. #part3 #dogsofttiktok #dogs

Part four is a two minute video of the woman confessing to pretty much everything.

She admitted to the driveway doodoo-ings, tossing poo onto the trampoline and fence, etc.... In the end the two women seemed to reach an uneasy truce.

Here's that video.


PART 4. FOSSIL KAREN VISITS. A good ending I guess. 😅😅 #part4 #dogsofttiktok #dogs

That resolution seemed to satisfy most people.





But one TikTok user wasn't so sure.

According to them, Sasha is living in their former home and this woman has been problematic since their childhood.

Maybe this isn't over?



That user's comment was supported by another tidbit the elderly woman dropped during her confession—this isn't the first time she's gotten in trouble for trespassing.

Sasha also confirmed the commenter's details.

The land owner is the commenter's father and lives right across the street. He had, indeed, shared plenty of stories about this neighbor and her habit of harassing people.

It's also supported by the fact the neighbor took the bags of returned poo, went to the back of the house and tossed them over the fence back onto Sasha's property anyway.


Now that we've got the whole story, we have to wonder if the neighbor was actually sorry and would stop the harassment.

Or is this just another round in an ongoing cycle for the neighborhood.