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TikToker Promptly Leaves After Her Date Says He Feels 'Marginalized' As A 'Straight Male' In Viral Clip

TikToker Promptly Leaves After Her Date Says He Feels 'Marginalized' As A 'Straight Male' In Viral Clip

In an very short video, a woman on a date with a "straight male" records him saying he feels "marginalized."

There has definitely been a trend of straight people, usually straight men, who feel as though they are being oppressed by increasing visibility and equality for marginalized groups.

For the privileged, equality can feel like oppression.

For instance, a "straight pride" event was attempted in Dallas, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. LGTBQ+ Pride events across the U.S. came out of riots and protests to gain equality for actually marginalized identities. Obviously, straight is the dominant culture in U.S. society and does not need a Pride event.

The viral video showcasing the mans ignorance has 1.4 million likes on TikTok.

TikToker Javs (@javeeeeeeeeee) filmed a less than 15 second clip of a date she went on. She dubbed it the "shortest date in history caught on camera."


Men can’t live with them can live without them good thing I didn’t waste time getting ready lolz #men #fyp #foryoupage #parati #foryou #pourtoi #joke

The man said:

"As a straight male, I often feel marginalized."

As soon as he said that, Javs smiled politely and replied:

"I'm going home."

The comments really came after this man for his audacity, as well as man who tried to defend him.


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This also sparked a conversation about what it actually means to be marginalized or oppressed.





Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines marginalized as:

"Relegated to a marginal position within a society or group."

The dictionary also defines oppressed as:

"Burdened by abuse of power or authority."

Straight men really need to stop trying to be oppressed and help those who actually are living in the margins.