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TikToker Hilariously Annoys His Mom By Giving Her A Trombone Soundtrack For Everything She Does

TikToker Hilariously Annoys His Mom By Giving Her A Trombone Soundtrack For Everything She Does

A Los Angeles musician noticed the pranks he's been pulling on his mom and filming for his TikTok page were getting stale.

So when he rediscovered a long-lost treasure from his closet, he came up with a new way to keep his mother from being "desensitized" to his antics.

Peet Montzingo told Huffington Post via Twitter about his epiphany.

"So one day I woke up and opened my closet door to find my trombone, which had been collecting dust for so long."
"And I thought ... THIS IS IT!"

Montzingo decided to underscore his mother's random chores with horror music, and the result is a hysterical triumph.


she’d probably outlive us all😳 @queenmamadrama #mom #son #little

The video started off with him playing the foreboding theme of Bach's "Toccata and Fugue In D minor" as his mom emerged from her room.

"What's that about?" she said with annoyance.

Next, she walked over to a package in the kitchen and stabbed the taped-up box with a pair of scissors to cut it open, all to the musical motif of John William's Jaws, of course.

In the final segment, Montzingo played the theme for masked killer Michael Myers from Halloween as his mother sliced an onion.

People were highly amused by Montzingo's antics, but his mom was clearly the star of the show.







Some of his greatest moments were compiled for a highlights reel and shared on Twitter.

In the clip below, he startled his mom awake with the military's wake-up bugle call "Reveille," and mocked her when she dropped something with a "womp, womp" sound effect.

When he interrupted her attempt at sweeping the backyard, she pointed the stick end of the broom at him and yelled, "Enough," but the tension dissolved as he played the Star Warstheme and engaged in a makeshift lightsaber duel with his trombone against her broom.

She may have appeared to be at her wit's end, but she ultimately gave in to her son's mischief and played along.

Montzingo told HuffPost:

"My mom gets so annoyed when she wakes up and sees me hovering over her with a trombone."
"But low key, I know she loves it and she's excited to see what I do with it."

The videos have become popular online, and he has a theory as to why.

"It's a sweet little mom being harassed by her 6-foot-1 redhead son with a trombone," he said.

"I think the bond that me and my mom have where we both laugh about it together makes the dynamic really entertaining."

Montzingo even addressed some of the criticism in the comments, which accused him of being disrespectful towards his mom by not helping out with all the chores she does in the videos.

But he dismissed some critics as people who don't understand his sense of humor.

"They are lighthearted prank videos, which my mom even laughs at," Montzingo said.

"My mom and I have a great relationship, and I know that comes through in all my videos."

Montzingo added that, as the tallest member in the family since he was eight years old, he has "paid his dues" because he was "stuck changing every lightbulb and was responsible for pretty much everything over 5 feet high in the house."

Some of those moments were recreated in the following TikTok video to show what his life was like "When u grow up in a family of dwarfs."


pov ur whole family are dwarfs except u☺️ @queenmamadrama @mrmontzingo

He also said feeling like the "misfit" in the family helped shape him into who is today, which helps him to provide entertainment, most of which normalizes dwarfism.

"I have an ongoing series about dwarfism awareness no matter where my content drifts to. My whole life I've met so many people who just don't understand how to interact with a little person or have the wrong idea about dwarfism."

He even made a video recreating how various "types of people" react to seeing a little person.


which one are u?? @queenmamadrama

Montzingo also added:

"I've even met someone who tried to convince me that little people aren't real (I was like ... 'Um ... excuse me?!')."

He stressed that little people like his mother are not "cute pets" or "funny."

"They are just like everyone else," he said.

"They live normal lives and don't want to be treated like some sort of gimmick. I hope people can watch my videos and understand that me and my family are just another family."
"Yes, we look a little different, but we aren't different ... except for the fact that we prank each other and I follow my mom around with a trombone."