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Viral Video About Gym That's Catered Specifically To Women Sparks Outrage From Men As 'Segregation'

Viral Video About Gym That's Catered Specifically To Women Sparks Outrage From Men As 'Segregation'

TikToker Heather Huesman went viral for sharing her experience at a women's only gym called Blush Fitness in Overland Park, Kansas.

Now, men are angrily typing in the comments it's "segregation."

With over 1.7 million likes on TikTok, @heatherhuesman gave a tour of the gym, showing a glimpse as to why it is a safer space for women who want to work out in peace.


The BEST GYM! We need these everywhere, we feel so safe and comfortable going to the gym, gonna be my new favorite spot!🦋💕 #fyp #TikTokGGT #blush

The video text explained the various reasons Huesman explained this to be her "new favorite spot."

She started with the outside of the building and how to get in:

"You can't see through the windows."
"It's open 24/7 to women only."
"The front door is locked so only women and members can get in."

Huesman showed a sign on the wall stating when the male employees will be present:

"They let you know when men will be in the building."

Along with plenty of open machines, clean facilities, and open space for various different workouts, there's even free feminine products in the bathrooms.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Huesman explained why she shared her experience with TikTok:

"I decided to share my experience because ever since the first time I went into Blush, I felt a sense of relief."
"It felt like a breath of fresh air walking into a gym with no men!"

She explained why she prefers an all-women's gym:

"I definitely feel safer in an all-women's gym."
"I personally like to wear tight clothing because it is easier to work out in, and I don't have to worry about men taking photos of me without my permission, or worry about men making me feel uncomfortable while I'm there."

In fact, videos of men being creepy at the gym have gone viral on TikTok before, showing the reason women are uncomfortable is because of men's behavior.

Unfortunately, men had a lot to say about this women only gym, with most calling it "segregation."





But for all the comments about segregation and inequality, there were plenty of people coming back at them, pointing out the flaws in that argument.








Heather Huesman shared her thoughts on the "segregation" comments:

"I don't think the gym is segregation at all. I honestly love the idea of an all-men's gym as well."
"I think if someone is mad that there's an all-women's gym, it's because they want women [in their co-ed gym] for a reason."
"Whatever makes people feel comfortable working out at a gym is what should be done."

Sexual harassment is still a pervasive issue for women in 2021. This gym was created in response to that gender violence.