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Guy Throws Tantrum After Being Informed His Gym Membership Is Revoked For Harassing Woman

Guy Throws Tantrum After Being Informed His Gym Membership Is Revoked For Harassing Woman

A man caused a scene at a gym with a tantrum after discovering his gym membership was allegedly revoked for sexually harassing a woman.

The video of the man with long blond hair wearing sunglasses and filming his own meltdown was posted on the Public Freakout subReddit.

"What are you f'king harassing me for, bruh?" bellowed the frustrated gym rat to a staff member who had informed him his membership came up on the system as "revoked."

You can see the video here:

WARNING: NSFW language

The accused man contested the negative status of his membership and demanded it is fixed immediately.

Talking to the camera, he said of the employee:

"This motherf'ker says my membership's revoked because I hit on a b*tch the other day, and the f'king manager wants to say 'oh, revoked' out of nowhere, dude."

He continued his rant while being taken to the front desk, saying, "I don't have time to waste. fix it right now."

Once at the front, another employee said the man had to leave the premises and couldn't work out because the ex-member had been banned.

After the employee told him he would call the police if he didn't leave the gym floor, the man said:

"Look at you guys, trippin' the f'k out. You're f'kin' nuts!"

The clip ended with the irate videographer continuing to insist he had to work out.

Redditors were not surprised about the allegation against him based on his disruptive behavior.

"'cause I hit on a bi*ch,' I could never imagine THIS MAN as a man that harasses or objectifies women." – 10wasoneofnone

"The narcissist never took the camera off himself even while getting booted out of a gym." – LuckyPlaze

"Literally using the camera to dissassociate failure. This guy is exactly the sort of person who needs to have his access to firearms removed before he goes on a shooting spree." – macrowe777

"He looks like the employees made a training video to teach what happens when you have to revoke a membership and to illustrate how ridiculous a person can be, and how to maintain professionalism while staying in control."

"I only say that because this guy is too good to be true." – Khufuu

Others commented on how well the employees managed to maintain their professionalism during the angry confrontation.

"Those are some top notch employees. They did well when faced with incredible douchebaggery." – mmanseuragain

"Patience goes a long way. He's a bully, he's looking to get a rise out of the people around him, escalate the situation. Best thing to do is be firm & patient. But as a middle school teacher, I'm sure you know better than I. Respect." – MisterPooty

This was not the first time the man filmed himself being kicked out of a gym and cursing at employees.

Another Redditor wrote what allegedly happened at a previous time.

"He was told to leave after telling a girl her body is amazing and asking if she wanted a massage after her workout." – fatphotog

Here is a video from the other incident:

WARNING: NSFW language

The name of the gym and its location remained undisclosed.