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Someone Just Turned Adam Levine's Raunchy DMs Into A Maroon 5 Song—And It's Brilliant

Someone Just Turned Adam Levine's Raunchy DMs Into A Maroon 5 Song—And It's Brilliant
Mauricio Santana/Getty Images; @songsbyalex/TikTok

If you were hoping for an end to the Adam Levine cheating scandal some time soon, don't hold your breath.

The uproar has turned into the internet's newest meme, with scores of people creating absurd visual jokes out of Sumner Stroh's screenshots of her DMs with the Maroon 5 frontman.

Of course, over on TikTok, this means that it was only a matter of time before the scandal was given the parody song treatment.

That moment came over the weekend when TikToker @songsbyalex took the verbiage from some of Levine's cringe attempts at sexting and turned them into a song that puts a new, embarrassing spin on one of Maroon 5's biggest hits.

See @songsbyalex's video below.


I'm gonna get sued for this #adamlevinecheating

Along with onscreen text reading, "what if Adam Levine's DMs were lyrics to a Maroon 5 song?" the video shows @songsbyalex singing his new version of Maroon 5's 2017 hit duet with Cardi B, "Girls Like You."

Since model Sumner Stroh went public about her affair with Levine, other women have come forward to reveal flirtatious and downright horny DMs they received from Levine as well. Now, snippets of them have been immortalized in song forever in @songsbyalex's new version of "Girls Like You."

Instead of the song's usual innocuous opening verse about love and longing, @songsbyalex switched them to some of the words from Levine's DMs with Stroh, model Maryka and others.

He sang:

"That body of yours is absurd yeah, oh oh"
"I'd do anything for it, I'm now obsessed with you"
"I may need to see that booty, f*** my god,"

It was already hard to believe that anyone would ever have found these DMs sexy as opposed to absurd.

But now? Seems like nobody will ever be able to take a sext from Levine seriously ever again. And @songsbyalex seems to know it, if his jokey caption for his video is any indication.

He quipped:

"I'm gonna get sued for this"

On TikTok, people loved @songsybalex's take on the whole thing.











Mr. @songsbyalex probably needn't worry about the lawsuit, however. Levine has enough to deal with without adding a lawsuit into the mix.