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TikToker Epically Unloads On Transphobic Troll Who Mocked Her Androgynous Cisgender Sister

TikToker Loren Schaffer Rosko called out the hypocrisy of transphobes who assume someone's gender based on their looks, yet would freak out if they actually transitioned to the gender they appear to be.

Screenshots of Lauren Schaffer Rosko's TikTok

A TikToker is being applauded for her epic clapback at transphobic trolls who mocked her cisgender lesbian sister's androgynous appearance and assumed she is transgender.

TikToker Loren Schaffer Rosko owns a clothing brand with her sister Lindzey, and the two appeared in one of Rosko's TikToks together recently.

In response, a troll commented:

"I’m sorry, did you say HER?? That is a him."

So Rosko took the commenter to task for their thinly veiled transphobia and revealing some details about why her sister has taken on an androgynous appearance that highlighted just how ignorant the trolls commentary was.

See her TikTok below.


Replying to @squirrel_girl_89 Big sis comin in hot 😡 #lgbtq #breastcancerawareness #sisters

In her video, Rosko began by pointing out how nonsensical and ignorant transphobes' bigotry really is.

If Lindzey were to use they/them or he/him pronouns, transphobes would have a fit even though they insist that she must be a man because of her masculine appearance. None of it makes any sense.

Rosko told the troll:

“Lindzey is a girl. She was born a girl. I get it, she looks masculine. So my question is, what do you want her to do exactly? Transition? Would you like for her to be trans?"
"Because I have the slightest little inkling that if she did that, the first thing you would say is ‘That’s not a real man. That’s a woman! She was born a girl!’… She can’t win either way can she?”

But more important was the reason Lindzey has taken on a more masculine appearance.

As Rosko revealed, Lindzey used to have a much more typically feminine appearance, with long hair and make-up and other trappings of what we typically consider to femininity.

As Rosko put it:

"But here’s the kicker… She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and every bit of femininity and womanhood she had was ripped from her."

In addition to a double mastectomy, Rosko revealed Lindzey also had to have a hysterectomy to ensure her cancer would not spread any further.

“Despite that, she’s still proud to be a woman. I can’t even imagine the reaction you would have if she wanted to go by they/them pronouns. But she doesn’t! So again, I guess you can’t win.”

Rosko's fellow TikTokers applauded her for her response to the troll's ignorant transphobia.










Rosko finished her video by asking the troll:

"Do you feel better? Do you love yourself more after spending the day on your phone commenting stuff like this?"

The answer is, apparently not.

The troll—who has a long history of attacking women on TikTok—appears to have deleted her account after Rosko's clapback.