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Texas Woman's Videos Go Viral After She's Kicked Out Of Her Parents' House For Voting For Biden

Texas Woman's Videos Go Viral After She's Kicked Out Of Her Parents' House For Voting For Biden

Family political disagreements are all but unavoidable for most people nowadays, but this year's elections seem to have caused many families to take thing to a whole new level.

Case in point?

An Austin, Texas TikToker named Julie, whose parents kicked her out of the house for voting for Joe Biden. And her recording of her experience for TikTok has resulted in multiple viral videos.

The young woman's saga began on November 3—election day—when she confessed her Biden vote to her MAGA minions parents.

@juuldaism Reply to @taybarnett262 IDK HOW TO FEEL RN HELP LOL Shes still running away ##fyp ##election2020 ##biden2020 ##trump2020
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The video opened with Julia addressing her followers and asking them to pray for her because:

"I'm about to single-handedly ruin my entire relationship with my parents."

As seen in the video, her parents gave her a list of whom to vote for—all Republican federal, state and local officials—but Julia went her own way.

And when she confessed her vote for Biden, her parents were in absolute disbelief, so much so that her mother started to cry and stormed out of the car. speech.

The video went megaviral, racking up millions of views and tens of thousands of comments. But it's the next chapter in Julia's saga that really pulls this story into high-drama territory.

That video came the night of November 7—when Biden delivered his victory speech.

@juuldaism you all asked for it, anyone wanna cash app or Venmo me a new family that would be great #fyp #election2020 #biden2020
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This video begins with Julia's parents yelling in shock at Biden's victory and declaring it fraud.

As Julia continued filming in her bedroom, her mother began pounding on her door, seemingly breathless with rage.

She told Julia to turn in her house keys.

"Your dad is extremely upset. You voted for this a**hole. He wants us to wear masks, and he wants us to be locked in, and we're going to be slaves and peasants! I need your keys right now."

Julia then filmed herself packing a suitcase, followed by a shot of her leaving her parents' house.

But she maintained her sense of humor throughout, even while declaring herself "homeless."

As she walked away, she told her followers:

"Vote for Biden!"

Her caption for the video, too, contained a humorous jab at her parents.

"...anyone wanna cash app or Venmo me a new family that would be great."

Julia has continued documenting her experiences in viral video after viral video.

Thankfully, she's been able to stay with friends, and has been made a part of TikTok's Creator Fund, which has allowed her to make some income off of her videos. She says she has no plans to move back home.

In the wake of her crazy two months, Julia has received an outpouring of support—and of course, plenty of jokes to keep her spirits up—from her fellow TikTokers.










One of Julia's most recent viral videos at least provides a glimmer of hope for her relationship with her parents.

In the video, Julia has a calm conversation—again, about the election—with her mom and grandmother in the car.

It's a start.