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TikTok Of Woman's Insanely Detailed Grocery Shopping List For Husband Sparks Heated Debate

TikToker @adamxmelinda's video of her detailed list for when she has to send her husband to the store, including cut out images of what she wants him to buy, sparked a debate about 'weaponized incompetence.'

TikTok screenshots from @adamxmelinda

A woman on TikTok sparked a heated debate after sharing an incredibly detailed grocery shopping list—complete with a map of the grocery store—for her husband.

In her video, @adamxmelinda added the text:

"When I have to send my husband to the store."

The 14-second video shows the creator not only writing out the items in physical order from the entrance of the store, but also including the price and the aisle in which the item is located.

But that's not all!

The TikToker also included images of each item on the list and marked where every single item could be found in the store by creating and marking up a hand-drawn map.

She captioned the video:

"Who can relate? 🤣"

You can watch below.


Who can relate? 🤣 #marriedlifehumor #couple #couplecomedy #husbandandwife #husband #couplelove #foryou #tutorials #couples #wife

A few viewers of the video responded that they could actually relate to the TikToker's need for going through so much trouble.






And while the creator noted the video was meant to be entertaining, many viewers did not find any humor in it.

In fact, several noted that the woman's need to create such an insanely detailed shopping list is a result of "weaponized incompetence."

They expressed that her husband is displaying an extremely low level of competence in performing a simple task so that he either isn't asked to go grocery shopping or he is praised for completing a mediocre task.





TikToker @notwildin stitched the original video and explained what others in the comments were observing.


#stitch with @adamxmelinda this is kind of a ramble but hold it

He shared:

"What this husband is doing is exaggerating his own incompetence and exaggerating his own incapability to force the labor that they don't want to do onto their partner."

He also noted:

"That performance of incompetence is an investment that the husband is making for his future self."

Basically, "You don't have to do the thing you don't want to do."

The TikToker also likened weaponized incompetence to the privilege of mediocrity in regards to race.

"We accept the performance of incompetence and the performance of mediocrity and then accept the bare minimum."

Well said 👏 👏 👏