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Dad Holds Hilarious Post-Game-Style Mock Press Conference After A Rough Day With His Kids

Dad Holds Hilarious Post-Game-Style Mock Press Conference After A Rough Day With His Kids

Anyone who's ever taken care of kids for a day, let alone actually parented them, can tell you it's an exhausting task often more survived than merely experienced.

A dad on TikTok perfectly channeled that feeling recently when he filmed a mock post-game press conference detailing his rough day with his kids. It's got parents everywhere feeling deeply seen.

The TikTok, from podcaster Evan Kyle Berger, is a perfect rendering of a post-game Q&A, except the game in question is not so much football or basketball but keeping a kid alive without entirely losing your sanity.

It's all there—the dejected tone of voice, the camera flashes, a backdrop showing kid-friendly sponsors like clothing brand Cat & Jack and Skippy Peanut Butter. But it's Berger's responses to the questions of the off-camera journalists, played by his podcasting partner Kevin Laferriere, that make this video truly hilarious.

Flanked by bottles of ibuprofen and Tums, his t-shirt covered in stickers, Berger gives his mournful summations of his day as a dad. When his podcasting partner asks him to "sum up the day," Berger gives an answer that at first wouldn't sound out of place at an actual post-game Q&A before taking a hilarious turn.

"Yeah, honestly just felt like we got behind early after the milk spill and the marker on the wall."

Later, Laferriere asked Berger about how the "time out" he called affected things.

Berger deadpanned:

"Yeah, it felt like we were losing our heads there for a minute."
"We just wanted to calm things down."

As an extra touch, Berger at one point pulled an errant lego out of his fluffy hair while answering another question about why he chose to spoil his kids' dinner by giving them a snack just before the meal.

Berger's fellow TikTokers loved the perfectly rendered press conference.






And on Twitter, so many parents could relate.

Hang in there, parents!