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A Guy Realized His Dad Looks Exactly Like The Food Critic From 'Ratatouille'—So He Dressed Him Up To Prove It

Families around the country are stuck together for weeks as the global pandemic has forced the government to order social distancing measures.

During this extended family time, one son couldn't help but notice his father's striking resemblance to Anton Ego, the animated food critic from Pixar's Ratatouille. With nothing better to do, he convinced the father to dress up as Ego to prove his point.

Twitter immediately fell in love with the young man's father for his willingness to go along with the plan.

Many quickly began filling in the rest of the cast.

If this Anton Ego went to Comic Con, he'd be an unprecedented success.

Unfortunately, it seems the father was too grumpy to put the costume on ever again.

There's no denying, however—the one time he put the clothes on, the dad BECAME Ego.

Twitter definitely has a small Anton Ego obsession.

Put a bit of Ego together with a quality father son moment, and the internet had an unforgettable clip on its hands.

One can only hope this father will visit a Parisian restaurant sometime very soon.