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This Kind-Hearted Santa Made A Blind, Autistic Boy's Christmas Dreams Come True--And Now We're Crying 😭

Misty Wolf/Facebook

A child in north Texas had an amazing Christmas experience this week. Six-year-old Matthew Wolf, who is blind and autistic, had recently developed a keen interest in Santa after coming across a Santa Claus figure in a store.

Wanting to foster that interest, Misty took Matthew to Cabela's in Fort Worth to see Santa in person. They arrived early, to avoid the crowd and to avoid unwanted attention if the situation became too much for Matthew or his younger sister Lilly.

When Misty approached Santa to explain that Matthew is blind and autistic, he said "Say no more," and immediately got down on the floor to be at Matthew's level and greeted him.

"Santa had his trust right away," she said, in an interview with CNN.

"I keep saying that he met the real Santa. That was the real Santa for Matthew."

Santa was great with Matthew, allowing him to feel his facial features and coat and staying on his level.

"He knew exactly what to do," she said. "He was just so good at getting through to Matthew and letting Matthew have that learning experience."

The experience was so magical that Misty took to Facebook to share it:

When KTVT spoke with Santa about the event he dropped a bit of important wisdom:

"You relate to the child and what the child needs. He has never seen the world the way we have seen the world."

Matthew was even comfortable enough to pose for a picture with Santa, something his mother says he usually refuses.

People had much to say about the story on Facebook:

Many people remarked on how Matthew would remember the experience as a positive one.

Many even speculated that maybe this was the genuine Santa Claus!

And who knows? Maybe he was.

The real Santa would certainly do all he could to make everyone's holidays jolly, regardless of ability.