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This App's Push Notifications Sound Like An Annoying Little Kid, And We're LOLing


Australian comedian and author James Colley recently turned on notifications for BBC Science Focus Magazine, and his observations about the notifications are amusing all of Twitter.

The screenshot Colley shared shows all of the notifications from BBC Science in the iOS' News app.

There is a definite theme.

As Colley observed, they all sound like questions one might hear from a curious child.

Twitter users loved the observation.

Some related to the childlike questions, others totally wanted to know the answers.

Someone offered the inevitable follow up question:

A few people saw their childhood (or current) selves in the comment.

...or their own children.

This childlike curiosity is something that most people grow out of, but a good dose of curiosity about the world we live in seems like it would be a good thing.

Maybe we should all be asking more questions like these.