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These Videos Of Starbucks Baristas Giving Some Very Good Dogs Their 'Puppuccinos' Are Just So Pure 😍

@JodieBrooke2 // @kass_erole (Twitter)

Customers can drive you crazy, and we can only imagine how frantic business must get during the rush hour at your friendly neighborhood Starbucks, where baristas have to be fast, efficient, and light on their feet to ensure everyone's needs are met.

But everyone needs a break from people every once in a while (read: "all the time") and everyone knows that dogs make things better. Dogs make just about everything better.

Starbucks barista Jodie Brooke has a favorite customer. It's a dog. His name is Max, who she feeds "Puppuccinos" through the drive-thru window. (Note: A "puppuccino" is simply whipped cream; it's popular with dog owners who are also regular Starbucks customers.)

The tweet prompted another barista to post about her favorite customer: A dog named Bear.

Here's an unnamed pup who goes wild for the whipped cream:

And another who will melt your heart:

A few dog owners responded with pics of their pups enjoying their Starbucks treats:

And people were charmed.

Our hearts have grown several sizes today.

Bring on the pups!