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The Wild Tiger Population In Nepal Has Nearly Doubled Since 2009 🐯❤️

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Here's some surprisingly good news: Tigers are on their way back, baby!

A recent survey and study in Nepal discovered the nation's endangered tiger population has almost DOUBLED over the last decade. This is an incredible development!

Wildlife organizations worldwide reacted to the stunning news:

The video below explains how researchers conducted the study in painstaking detail:

Tigers aren't the friendliest bunch, so researchers had a few tricks for measuring their population without getting too close. This involved dozens of cameras that could intuitively recognize variations in their stripe patterns, for example. Pretty cool!

Animal lovers were understandably thrilled about the news:

Sadly, tigers in Nepal aren't out of the woods yet, so to speak. Gangs of criminal poachers are known to hunt the animals for their skin, teeth, and other body parts for use in various products and traditional medicines.

If you love tigers -- don't just tweet! Support organizations like the WWF that work tirelessly to protect these majestic animals.

H/T: The Independent, WWF