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The 'War On Christmas' Is Real According To Meghan McCain—Whoopi Goldberg Calls B.S.

It's August. It's too hot for this mess.

The 'War On Christmas' Is Real According To Meghan McCain—Whoopi Goldberg Calls B.S.

In what has been one of the more confusingly-timed Presidential brags, Donald Trump recently gave himself credit for winning the "War on Christmas".


After making the claim at a rally he was, of course, met with applause. But it wasn't the rally that really got people talking. The subject came up on a recent episode of The View when Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain went in on the matter.

Goldberg's stance was she felt more comfortable saying "Happy Holidays" to people since not everyone is Christian and she wants to make sure she wishes people joy and happiness no matter what holiday they're celebrating during November and December. According to McCain, that proves the "War on Christmas" is real - even though McCain then says she's never had anyone be offended when she said "Merry Christmas" to them.

"I don't think I'm not inclusive. I think I am a Christian. I celebrate Christmas and I would like to wish merry Christmas to everyone, and no one has ever been offended, at least to my face."

Goldberg agreed almost nobody is offended and countered those who choosing to say "Happy Holidays" are just trying to be more inclusive of people who don't celebrate Christmas. There are tons of other holidays in December, after all. According to Goldberg, that's absolutely not a war or an attack on Christianity.

"If I'm comfortable saying 'Happy Holidays' because I'm not sure, or I say 'Merry Christmas' to people I know are Christians. It's not a war. … It's me trying to figure out what I want to do. But you can't tell me what I should be doing. You can't tell me I'm at war with you because I'm not saying 'Merry Christmas'."

McCain then claimed the fact they were even talking about it was proof that the "War on Christmas" was real and that Trump was "brilliant" to tackle the supposed Christian Holy war. After a bit more banter, Whoopi called it like she saw it and dismissed it as "a B.S. debate."

The Twittersphere definitely had feelings about the "War on Christmas."

Even the Christian clergy felt a responsibility to correct McCain's claims.

The sarcasm and snark was on full display - like a Disney holiday lights festival.

But not everyone thinks this is a non-issue. To some, this Fox News creation is a real thing.

You can watch a clip of the debate here.

Is the war on Christmas real? Did Trump win it?

Or is this a non-issue being brought up again to divide and distract people.

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