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The List Of The Most Searched Words On Merriam-Webster During Trump's Rally Last Night Says It All

Zach Gibson/Getty Images // @Kal_ritle/Twitter

President Donald Trump's rally in North Carolina Wednesday night featured a variety of unsettling moments.

The President told a now-standard number of lies, but what stuck out the most was the horrifying chant that erupted from the crowd during the President's extended rant against Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a US citizen and former Somali refugee and one of the first Muslim women elected to congress.

As the President claimed she hated America and even baselessly implied allegiance to al-Qaeda, his sycophants in the stands began to chant:

"Send her back!"

A number of people were deeply disturbed at the xenophobic, racist cries that Trump and his gleeful supporters basked in, as the top searches on Merriam Webster's dictionary site indicated.

While the search results don't call out Trump by name, it wasn't a coincidence that terms like "racism," "fascism" and "bigot" were among the most frequently searched.

People had a pretty good idea whose picture should be next to most of the words.

But even though the President's rally instilled fear in many, the searches—for some—brought a small degree of hope.

We shall see.

If you want to build your vocabulary, Merriam Webster offers an affordable vocabulary builder here.

There are many who still doubt that extremist political rhetoric being spread by far right conservatives in the United States is having a tangible impact on our culture.

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