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Guy Asks Twitter What You Call The End Of A Loaf Of Bread—And Some Of The Answers Are Weird AF 😮

Photo by SSPL/Getty Images/Twitter Stephen Mangan

Who knew bread could be so controversial? Things started innocently enough but quickly spiraled — to the darkest setting on the toaster.

British actor Stephen Mangan took a brief moment out of his busy day to humblebrag about his willingness to take the heel of a loaf of bread. No big deal, right? Wrong!

Now, there is a real man. The rest of us can only say from the bottom of our hearts, "Thank you."

Instead of the celebratory parade in his honor he was surely seeking, Mangan opened a virtual can of worms regarding what the end of a loaf of bread is called.

This may be the exact moment when Twitter officially jumped the shark.

Mangan gave up his campaign for validation and focused his attention on ending the debate once and for all.

All that did was throw gasoline on a raging fire.

Time to call in a professional!

Anyhoo... back to the debate over the end of the loaf, Mangan took control of the rising situation.

He tried! But they wouldn't stop.

What has become of humanity? We don't see a resolution in the near future.