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Texas Woman Dubbed 'Swing Set Susan' Pretends To Be A Cop While Harassing Hispanic Teens Playing At Public Park

Texas Woman Dubbed 'Swing Set Susan' Pretends To Be A Cop While Harassing Hispanic Teens Playing At Public Park


A White civilian faked being a police officer in order to berate a group of Hispanic teenagers enjoying a swing set in a public, all-ages park, in Fort Worth, Texas.

One of the teens recorded the confrontation on a smartphone and posted the footage online.

As expected of this sort of video featuring White "life monitors," it went viral.

Dubbed, "Swing Set Susan," the blond woman wearing a white and blue baseball shirt, athletic shorts and sneakers approached the teens who were minding their own business on a Wednesday afternoon.

"Susan" yelled at them:

"Stop! Stop! It's a children's park, stop. Stop now."

The woman aggressively stopped the swing while it was in motion. Because that moment is partially cut off from the video frame, it is difficult to determine if someone was still riding the swing.

The video that took place at Frank Kent's Dream Park serves as a continuing example of many others before it that focuses on the harassment of non-White people.

The woman detonated F-bombs when responding to the confused teenagers asking if they were children.

"No you're not! And if you think you're a f*****g child, are you over the age [allowed here]?"

The children responded in unison that they were, in fact, not over the age allowed in the park and protested.

Then she waved her arms and invoked her false authority over them by claiming she was a member of law enforcement.

"I'm a f—ing PD, so get the f–k out of here now if you're not here to play as a child. Read the f*****g sign."

When one of the teenagers confronted her by saying she was only 16, "Susan" huffed:

"Right. Then you're not a f*****g child. Thirteen or younger. Actually not, because you provoked yourself as a child and you're not even acting like a child. Are you?"
"You said you're 16. If you're not, I can literally arrest you as an adult. Which is your choice? Are you a child or are you a god-damned adult?"

Her tirade was endless, according to the poster of the video.

It turns out "Susan" is notorious for her confrontational park appearances.

The posted video prompted others to recall witnessing the same woman harassing others before this incident.

The identity of "Susan" is alleged to be Samantha Louise Eley, who already has a police record for an assault charge and a DUI.

Fort Worth's Parks and Recreation Department issued a statement explaining that some of the playground equipment is meant for preschool children ages 2-5 or for school-age children ages 5-12.

But they added that the playgrounds "are open to all ages."

The Fort Worth Police Department tweeted that the woman in the video was not a member of law enforcement and later provided an update stating she may be "a possible local resident."

People are anxiously waiting to hear about her punishment or are demanding one.

Police who responded to a call about "Swing Set Susan" told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that she may have been intoxicated.

On Wednesday, Samantha Louise Eley, 38, of Fort Worth, Texas was charged with impersonating a public servant, the Fort Worth Police Department shared on Twitter.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, it turned out she was already in jail in Tarrant County after a Monday arrest for a bond violation related to a previous arrest in a family violence case.

The privately funded Dream Park—which is located in Fort Worth's Trinity Park—opened in April and is known as a play space "custom-designed for children of all abilities to explore, learn and play."

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