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Texas Woman Slammed After Using Racial Slur At School Board Meeting While Quoting Rap Song

Leander ISD

A Texas parent is facing backlash after reading out the lyrics of a rap song which contains multiple iterations of the n-word and not censoring the word in her speech, after a video of the parent went viral.

The woman, referred to only as "speaker seven, Sheryl," read lyrics from NWA "F**k Tha Police" unabashedly while claiming the song was part of the school's English curriculum, despite little to no evidence.

What's most mystifying was before launching into her reading of the 1988 song, Sheryl actually referred to the verbiage in the song using censored language.

"We have the f-word 59, we have the n-word eight to nine times."

She then went on to inexplicably say the n-word at least twice.

She then attempted to blame her recitation of racial slurs on the school district.

"This is in your curriculum—how do you defend that? Are you proud? Your curriculum. This is what you're teaching our kids. It's sick."

She also attempted to spin the moment by thanking the police of her town of Leander, Texas and shaming the school board.

"The same hypocrites sitting in front of us that hate you, still call you when they feel threatened. You cannot make this stuff up. And, of course, we are seeing the hypocrisy of the left all around the country."

The school district has not yet commented on Sheryl's extremely problematic speech, nor whether they have hired NWA to create the school's English curriculum based on their 1988 album.