Tennessee School Responds After 11-Year-Old Girl Is Sent To The Principal's Office For Telling Classmates Not To Make Nazi Salute


It seems like people should be getting sent to the principal's office FOR making the Nazi salute, no?

But this is America 2019, where everything's made up and the points don't matter.

An 11-year-old girl was sent to the principal's office after telling her classmates to straight up stop making the Nazi salute, after an in-class exercise had a student portraying Adolf Hitler and doing the Sieg Heil:

Students reportedly mimicked the gesture repeatedly, causing the girl to say, "Stop it, put your hands down now."

Her teacher basically told her to not talk about it at all, effectively trying to silence her.

She spoke up every time.

Her dad sent an email to the school, asking for an explanation of why it was his daughter who was sent in for disciplinary action, rather than the students doing the Sieg Heil:

James Evans, a spokesperson for the Rutherford County School District, responded to Buzzfeed News about the incident:

"During rehearsal on Thursday, May 9, the student gave his presentation, and when he gave his salute, some other students in the class responded with the same salute," Evans said. "When this occurred, one student became upset and had an outburst."
"The student was not disciplined or punished in any way for her concerns or actions," he said. "In fact, the school agrees the actions of the students were completely inappropriate."

But according to Gamble's account, the salute was performed 10-20 more times to his daughter.

Evans continued that the principal met with the fifth grade class to end the spread of the salute.

"In addition, the school will no longer feature a student portraying Hitler or the salute as part of the Living History project," Evans said. "The school will find alternative means of covering the fifth-grade history standard."

In America 2019, who will yell and scream about free speech being oppressed when the school disciplines the use of Nazi salutes?

The little girl is not at fault for calling them out, and this kind of behavior cannot be encouraged.

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