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Tennessee Man Arrested After Lighting Up A Joint While In Court For Marijuana Charge

Tennessee Man Arrested After Lighting Up A Joint While In Court For Marijuana Charge
Wilson County Sheriff's Office

There comes a time in every person's life where they must stand up for what they believe.

Put their neck out, put their money where their mouth is.

Or, in the case of a young Tennessee gent named Spencer Boston, put their marijuana where their mouth is—as in, light up a joint—while in a courtroom, before a judge, for a marijuana possession charge.

Fortune favors the bold, as they say.


The story, which has taken Reddit by storm, all went down this week in Wilson County, Tennessee.

Despite the article title, you thought for sure it would be Florida, didn't you?

No, it was in the Tennessee courtroom of Judge Haywood Barry, which is the most Southern judge name we can think of.

Spencer Boston, 20, was there on a simple marijuana possession charge.

As he stood to face the judge, Boston began to share his opinions on why weed should be legalized.

Local crime news website Scoop: Wilson has video of the incident.

In the video, Boston calls Tennessee's marijuana laws "unfair" especially since:

"[I]t's been around for ages, since the 80s and 90s."


The judge calls Boston's spiel "baloney" and then explains to Boston how law works, telling him:

"You gotta go see the legislature to get that changed."


But Boston was undeterred.

After agreeing to the judge's offer for a trial where he can more fulsomely speak his mind, Boston pulled out a joint and a match and had himself a smoke, ripping several drags right there at the podium before the judge, the assembled masses, God and everyone.

He was then forcibly led out of the courtroom by law enforcement, yelling, "The people deserve better!" as he went.


The crowd immediately went wild, bursting into laughter.

The judge ordered Boston taken to jail and held in contempt of court. He'll serve 10 days and then be eligible for $3000 bond.

It might not have been the smartest move, but it was certainly among the most audacious. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, as they say.

And as you might expect, the internet found itself a new hero.

"Honestly this guy rules" --u/Lavaswimmer

"Me: who the fu*k would do that?"
"Also me: yep. He looks like he would do that."
"Also also me: why the fu*k are people still going to court for weed?" --u/nahteviro

"What? He was simply entering his plea by demonstration" --u/LifeSage

"Start a go fund me for his bail" --u/bruce5783

"The judge is just upset that he did not puff puff pass that sh*t" --u/JonL3fty

"Absolutely no fu*ks given" --u/jimmy2sticks

Anyway, Boston will next appear in court on charges for possession and disorderly conduct on April 14, which is just rude.

The least they could have done is set his court date for 4/20.