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Ted Cruz Hit With Backlash After Posting Tone-Deaf Thanksgiving Meme As Texas Morgues Overflow

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With virus cases across the country reaching record highs and the death rates slowly rising, many states have issued additional restrictions to try and protect American lives leading into the holiday season.

There are few states where such restrictions are more needed than in Texas, where morgues are overflowing with bodies and the healthcare system struggles to cope with the influx of cases.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, however, seems to be pretending the global pandemic is some sort of liberal plot to steal his Thanksgiving. He recently tweeted a meme daring anyone to "come and take" his Thanksgiving turkey.

Many online found the contrast between Texans' dire situation and Cruz's flippant tweet disturbing.

Meanwhile, even many healthy Texans are struggling to deal with the economic downturn caused by America's failure to deal with the virus in a responsible manner.

Instead of doing anything to help his constituents, Cruz would rather own the libs.

Few on Twitter were very shocked by Cruz's insensitivity.

With Republicans unwilling to offer any further aid to Americans whose lives have been affected by the virus, their only remaining option is to mock their opponents.

Even without taking the enormous human toll of the virus into account, it seems like there are better things Ted Cruz could be doing.

The virus isn't going away any time soon. Perhaps, if things get bad enough, Senator Ted Cruz will start to give Americans the respect their situations deserve.