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Ted Cruz Scorched After Suggesting He'll Use Former House Speaker's Book As Kindling

Olivier Douliery/pool/AFP via Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In a continuation of the long running feud between Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and former GOP Speaker of the House, Representative John Boehner, Cruz tweeted a photo of Boehner's new book in his fireplace.

In the tweet, Cruz claimed the, apparently autographed, copy of the book was left for him at his office by "some smart-ass."

"I filed it in the appropriate place."

Most Twitter users didn't buy Cruz's posturing, though.

Many took the opportunity to drag the Senator—who frequently bemoans "cancel culture"—for burning books.

While some tried to defend Senator Cruz, they were quickly shut down too.

Neither Cruz nor Boehner have made any attempts to keep their animosity towards each other a secret over the years, but Boehner's most recent jab really takes the cake.

In addition to criticizing Cruz within the text, including calling the Senator a "reckless a**hole," Representative Boehner apparently went a step further in his narration for the audiobook version of the memoir.

He ended his narration with the phrase:

"PS, Ted Cruz -- go f*ck yourself."