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Ted Cruz Roasted After Appearing To Fall Asleep During Biden's Speech To Congress


On Wednesady, April 28, President Joe Biden gave his first speech before a joint session of Congress.

The well-reviewed address lasted for over an hour, with Biden carefully laying out his plans for America's future.

At least one lawmaker, however, seemed less-than-interested in Biden's address.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas could be seen dozing off as Biden gently told lawmakers:

"If you actually want to solve a problem, I've sent a bill. Take a close look at it."

Twitter immediately turned images of the sleepy Cruz into an online joke.

Many commented on Cruz's seeming inability to escape controversy.

Cruz's track record hasn't been exactly golden ever since he fled his home state in the midst of a public safety emergency for a vacation in Cancun.

Conservatives often like to attack President Biden as "sleepy Joe," but Cruz was the one dozing off last night.

Cruz is likely going to have a hard time living this down on Twitter.

If only Cruz had managed to stay awake for Biden's entire address, he may have found the President was actually suggesting some things that would really help America.

Oh well, it seems Cruz will never know.