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Florida Preschool Teacher Goes Viral With Science Experiment Video Showing Her Students The Importance Of Hand-Washing

The experiment involved pepper, water and soap (Amanda Lorenzo/PA)

A teacher has used a science experiment involving pepper, water and soap to explain to children the importance of hand-washing.

The experiment sees pepper in water repelled from a student's hand when touched with soapy water, to which the other young pupils can be heard saying "It moved!"

Posting the video to Instagram, Amanda Lorenzo said:

"Learning about the importance of washing our hands…So much fun and very informative!"

Ms. Lorenzo, from Miami, Florida, said she got the idea for the experiment on TikTok, and that her four- and five-year-old students were "shocked" to see its outcome.

Ms. Lorenzo told the PA news agency:

"I'm happy I was able to spread awareness with my video! I had no idea it would go 'viral', but I'm happy it did if I was able to help anyone in the process!"
"My kiddos were so shocked. I wish I could've recorded their faces!"