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Gloria Gaynor Shows Us All How To Properly Wash Our Hands While Singing Along To 'I Will Survive'

Hector Vivas/Getty Images for amfAR

Gloria Gaynor has done her bit to help during the coronavirus outbreak by sharing a video of herself washing her hands while singing her hit "I Will Survive".

The track is one of a string of songs people are using to help them follow guidance from health professionals to wash their hands for 20 seconds.

The video has sparked the I Will Survive challenge, in which people share videos of themselves washing their hands while singing the song.

Gaynor wrote:

"I love that people are taking part in the #iwillsurvivechallenge to #washyourhands and are duetting with me on @tiktok like @ajslambino did!"
"Stay safe and healthy everyone! Wash your hands often every day for 20 seconds or more."

Earlier this week, Gaynor marked 41 years since "I Will Survive" topped the Billboard charts in the US.

She shared a picture of the record sleeve on Instagram.

Under it, she wrote:

"Forty one years ago today on March 10, 1979 our song, 'I WILL SURVIVE,' went to the #1 spot on the @billboard charts and began its journey to become a mantra and anthem for survivors of all kinds around this beautiful globe!"