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Taylor Swift Makes Young Brain Cancer Patient's Wish Come True In Emotional Viral Video

9-year-old Scarlett Oliver, who has an aggressive form of brain cancer, had a wish to meet her idol Taylor Swift—and that wish came true at a recent 'Eras Tour' concert in Sydney, Australia.

Screenshots of Taylor Swift hugging young cancer patient
@EdKrassen/X, @moonlithoax/X

Taylor Swift made a dream come true for a 9-year-old girl with cancer by bestowing her with the coveted hat during the "22" number at a concert in Sydney, Australia.

The hat-giving ritual is a famous part of Swift's historical Eras Tour where the "Lavender Haze" singer removes her black bowler hat and places it on the head of a lucky fan while performing the hit song "22" from the Red album.

Australian resident Scarlett Oliver, who has an aggressive form of incurable brain cancer, got to experience the special moment with her idol, which was shared in clips posted on social media.

Political journalist Ed Krassenstein shared a clip of the touching moment and accompanied it with a caption imploring people to put aside their differences and recognize compassion.

Krassentstein wrote:

"To all of those people who dislike Taylor Swift because she has different political views than you. Just stop!"
"Try to watch this video without tearing up. 9-year-old Scarlett Oliver has been given just 12-18 months to live after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer."
"Scarlett’s dream was to meet Taylor Swift, and Swift made sure that that happened. Taylor Swift is an amazing person."

He added:

"We are allowed to disagree with each other, but there are bigger things in life than just politics."

Here's a closeup look of the artist embracing Oliver.

Oliver's stepmother Natalie wrote about the young girl's story on a Facebook fan page for Swift. She explained that the Make-a-Wish-Foundation had initially granted Oliver her wish to meet Swift but it didn't work out.

Natalie remained determined.

"I'm hoping to make this happen for my beautiful step-daughter but I need some help!" she wrote.

"Scarlett is a 9-year-old from Perth, and she was diagnosed in October last year with a high grade glioma—this is a very aggressive brain cancer with no cure."

She continued:

"The prognosis given to us was 12-18 months from diagnosis."
"She has been an absolute warrior through surgeries, radiation and other treatments (all done to try and prolong her life.)"

After explaining that the charity organization that helps fulfill wishes for children with critical illnesses was unable to make Oliver's wish come true, Natalie said she and her Oliver were able to score tickets to Swift's concert "through the power of social media and some generous people."

Added Natalie:

"Scarlett is so excited and would absolutely love to receive the 22 hat from Taylor (as would everyone else I’m sure)."
"I just want her to experience everything in life and if anyone deserves a little happiness it's her."
"She deserves the world."

Natalie shared a photo in another post of Oliver holding a sign that read:

"Taylor can I have the 22 hat? Please."

Paul Oliver/Facebook

"Hey friends far and wide, please make Scarlett’s dream come true and share this post!!" read the caption along with the photo.

Oliver's dream of meeting Swift ultimately manifested and elicited cheers, and tears, online.

Social media users asked those who don't get Swift's celebrity status and music to at least acknowledge her positive actions, many of which stem from kindness.

Another lucky "22" hat recipient was Bianka Bryant, the second-youngest daughter of late NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa Bryant.

I don't know about you, but we're crying too.