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'Conjuring A Summoning Circle' Is Casting A Viral Spell All Over Twitter


The evolution of memes is fascinating.

They've gone from simple pictures with graphics to literally any internet trend.

Such as this one: using emojis to create a witchy "summoning circle" for all the needs in your life.

Sometimes you really need the inspiration just to get the meme going:

But once you've got that, the world is your oyster.

You can dream big for yourself:

Or maybe something for your pets:

You can even summon something very specific, depending on what your circle is made of:

But if you dream big enough, you can even extend your reach outside of yourself.

But then, of course, if you're clumsy, it could spell disaster.

Or you could accidentally summon the wrong entity.

Does this summoning circle spark joy?

We can relate to so many of these circles.

Honestly, we hope everybody gets what they want from the Twitter summoning circle.

You go, witches.