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Streaker Who Interrupted A Canadian Baseball Game Could Face A Very Severe Punishment

Photos via @sportingnews/ Screenshot Twitter via Amanda Grace

An Irish man living in Canada visiting America couldn't contain his need for attention and it may cost him a one-way ticket back to Ireland. That's one expensive prank.

No one is sure who the man is but one thing is clear he could be in a heap of trouble for dropping his trousers and running through a professional baseball came between the Blue Jays and the Mariners. Although security wasn't too thrilled with the maneuver, the fans went crazy as many Twitter posts reveled


Come to find out it was all over an $80 bet.

People are beginning to wonder if America has lost its sense of humor.

Some chalked up the move to being Irish.

But when talk started of a GoFundMe page, people cried foul.

So what we learned here is, keep your dang clothes on, never bet the Irish, America needs to lighten up and stop using GoFundMe for stupid things.

H/T: Daily Hive, FOX