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Guy Shares Embarrassing Story Of His Dad Finding His 'Beefcake' Downloads On The Family Computer Back In The '90s

@GrantGinder/TwitterBill Holden via Getty Images

Happy [belated] National Coming Out Day!

Those of us who have had to come out know the interesting hills and valleys we navigated when expressing our sexuality back in the days before we fully embraced who we were.

Grant Ginder, author of This is How It Starts and The People We Hate at the Wedding, took to Twitter to share his embarrassing #NationalComingOutDay story, which began as most good stories do: in the '90s.

Back in the day, families usually had one computer (that worked on dial-up or something) and almost nobody had laptops. Knowing that, Ginder's story can take off.

Since it was a family computer, "beefcake" did not go unnoticed for long.

The next question was the question every gay kid dreads to hear.

And so Grant responded in the only way he knew how—panic.

Go go go Grant!

Somehow, he managed to get away with it.

But nonetheless, Grant felt the need to say something to his mom after all these years.

Twitter was rolling over this story.

Some were even relating their own embarrassing coming out stories.

And those of us who sat through dial-up internet to get our daily dose of beefcakes in the 90s truly are with Grant.

And to round it all off, Mom had a little something to say to end the thread:

We don't have shared computers often anymore, but this shirt, available here, still comes in handy.



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