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Stereotypically 'Girly' Things Guys Are Not Ashamed To Admit They Do

"Reddit user OfficiallyAJ asked: 'Men of Reddit what’s something ‘Girly’ that you do that you’re not ashamed to admit?'"

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No guy should feel ashamed to admit they like something that may not be labeled "masculine."

Who's to say a guy can't enjoy skincare routines or the color pink?

These kinds of gender stereotypes are thankfully dying out, but some persist.

Redditor OfficiallyAJ wanted to hear from the guys about guying, so they asked:

"Men of Reddit what’s something ‘Girly’ that you do that you’re not ashamed to admit?"


"I don't drink much alcohol, but if I do, it's fruity 🍹."

~ GaryWestSide

"As a bartender who rarely sees this... it makes my day."

~ Frequent_Ad6267

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I Feel Pretty

"I give myself pedicures. I don’t use toenail polish or anything, but I take care of my feet. Dried-out cracked feet are gross."

~ Dry-Standard3837

"I know an Italian dude who looks straight out of Tony Soprano's crew who gets weekly mani/pedis. His wife has been begging him for years to go together, but he keeps the location a secret from her because he doesn't want her messing up his sanctuary."

~ YounomsayinMawfk

"I get pedicures regularly at the nail salon with my wife, and I have them paint my toenails green. I say it's to support my favorite football team, but honestly, I just like the way they look."

~ DeficientDope

Hold Me

"I like being the little spoon. Makes me feel safe."

~ alexthegreatmc

"As a woman, I love when you men do this. I prefer being the big spoon. Well, I think I have mommy issues, but it's soooo tender and intimate."

~ Over_Tone3366

"I second this, small spoon all the way."

~ doctorwho_cares


"It shouldn't be considered girly, but I have a whole skincare routine I follow twice a day."

~ NPGL_Soulkey

"It shouldn’t be girly to take care of yourself, people will just make s**t up so men can get away w literally everything, the bare minimum is below hell. I’m glad that there is a man who is actually taking care of himself, show those guys that if they want a partner who takes care of themself then they should take care of themself to it ain’t a one way street!"

~ Sienna_Aurora36

"A man with a nice clean face? Yes please. I know that a lot of men do that and a lot don't. You can see the difference."

~ Delicious-Algae-7838

The Sidekick

"I'm a large brown man with an extremely feminine little dog. People think it was my wife that chose her, but no, it was me."

~ thekingsman123

"At an animal shelter I worked at, we loved it when huge, beefy, macho, gang/Bikie type men came in cos we knew what they wanted to walk out with - the one-eyed, scruffy, under-bitey teeny tiny senior doggos that no-one has wanted."

~ tessbras

Hey Rabbit

"Scented candles and looking at pictures of cute little bunnies."

~ zugabdu

"I have a gorgeous bunny daughter and am subbed to all the bunny subreddits, there’s no shame in something I genuinely love"

~ PunishedWolf4

"Found another rabbit enthusiast, hooray I’m not alone!!!"

~ Jamesmateer100

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Good Smells

"I love feminine scents. I bought a perfume that smells like clementines, and I love to spray myself."

~ drpepper1992

"I think the general idea is men are supposed to like the smell of perfume and woman cologne, that’s why a partner wears it, increase attraction. Not sure if this is actually the case, but it’s my de facto theory."

~ Cpt-Ahoy

"Perfume and cologne just refer to the concentration ratio of the fragrance oil to other ingredients. Many are described as unisex and the important thing is that you and/or your partner like how the smell mixes with your body chemistry and natural smell as you sweat through the day."

~ bdubelyew

When You Gotta Go

"I prefer to pee sitting down."

~ Marcelaus_Berlin

"I'm a man that does this and I agree. I tend to look down on men who don't, now. And honestly, some men are just freaking animals: the number of times I've seen public toilets where they didn't even lift the seat and peed all over it. I can't understand what must go on in their heads."

~ IshtarJack


"Long baths with music, bubbles, bath bombs, and a cold drink. It's f**king delightful."

~ lordbearhammer

"I wish they made bathtubs a reasonable size. As a 5’6 woman, they’re too small to lay down in even for me, I’m sure for the average man it isn’t much better. I end up having to rotate myself like a rotisserie chicken just to get my entire body warmed up and soaking in the water."

~ RavingSquirrel11

Sing Out, Louise!!

"I enjoy romantic comedies and musical theater."

~ GrimeyScorpioDuffman

Sing Monty Python GIF by Monty Python's SpamalotGiphy

Cry Pretty

"I easily cry during films or emotional moments. Oddly though this only started sometime in my mid 20's. I don't know what the catalyst was but something changed and I can tear up far easier than I used to, embarrassing but I can't help it, it is what it is."

~ MuffinSnuffler

"Me too, though it didn't start until I was in my 30's. I'm not going to lie, I hate it. My wife loves it, she thinks it means I'm emotionally connected and available, but I was raised in the '70s, and taught by every male figure in my life that it's wrong. Intellectually I know it's not, I try not to pass my bullshit onto anyone else, but I genuinely wish I could be a little more stoic."

~ simplycycling


"Gardening. I love watching a flower garden come alive, and it’s very relaxing."

~ FunOwl13

"I primarily grow food but the veggies can coexist with flowers too, in fact, some really help each other. Like marigolds between tomatoes. Some of them have pretty flowers themselves. I once let some radishes go to flower, cute little pink things. I am still tackling the aftermath of letting it go to seed though, the radishes pop up like delicious weeds."

~ EnlargedChonk

Shades & Color

"I paint my fingernails. I started around age 35 and have for the last 10 years. They are not painted trashy. Nor do I go get a manicure. Just something simple and neat. I tend to pick medium blue shades. I did it at first partly as a way to show my daughter that a person can do what they want regardless of gender and partly because I knew it would anger the conservative elements of my family. I really appreciated the positive comments I received. As a man, compliments on appearance or attire are not common and liked the attention."

~ xeryon3772


"I will never drink a 'regular beer' like Miller Lite, Bud etc. It has to have some sort of fruity flavor to it. Blueberry, orange, something. Don't give me just hops. That's disgusting. I don't care how girly that sounds."

~ BKforReal

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"Not me but my boyfriend loves tacky 'girlie' movies like First Wives Club, The Other Woman, etc. He also loves tearjerkers like The Ultimate Gift and lifetime movies like that! I love that he loves those movies because we get to watch them together!"

~ Agreeable-Walk1886

Why would any of this even be considered "girlie?"

Every human should LOVE "The First Wives Club!!!"

And manis and pedis are essential. Everyone should keep the cuticles clean.

Life is hard enough. Enjoy all of your comforts!